Friday, 21 January 2011

UD - Naked Palette update

Have had email from Debenhams to say mine has been dispatched!  Am sooooo excited.  Seriously not been this excited since I asked Santa for a doll and a pram for Christmas, walked past it in a daze on Christmas day as he had put it at the end of my bed and not under the tree, then cried when he thought he had forgotten and then cried  harder when my poor mother hauled me back to my bedroom to see it!  

In exciting other developments it appears that it may now have a brush (great post Lyuba!) and not the 24/7 eye pencil, which frankly would be a massive plus for me.  Had already planned to donate the pencil to Em, sorry chick your loss but I'll let you have a swipe of Half Baked from time to time to make up for it!

Right, back to pacing up and down in front of the letter box.


  1. Whoop whoop! Let us know what you think ;o) x

  2. ooo lucky you! Has it come yet??

    I use my pratically every day..though I do try to use other eyeshadows when I remember!
    I think I would of said I'd prefer a brush before I got mine as I really didn't get the 24/7 eye pencils...however I really do love Whisky now along the top lashline them smudged out abit, really does stay put all day.
    Would of been great if they came out with a double ended side an eyeshadow brush and the other a blending brush! But I guess we can't have it all.

    Fee x

  3. No sign yet - you will hear the whoops of joy when it lands! I have no idea whether mine will be with the pencil or the brush - all just adds to the excitement! x


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