Tuesday, 11 January 2011

OMG - Just had an epiphany!

My poor friend, Fran, is flying back from the States today after nightmare delays and I am seeing her next week.  It has just dawned on me, after yet another fruitless trawl round the internet that she might be able to buy me the UD Naked Palette at duty free on her way home *faints with excitment that that might even be a vague possibility*  Can you believe it has taken me a week of her being in the States to even think of this..... she has just text back, not at airport yet as scared she might lose her hotel room, her words "you would think ww3 had broken out, they really don't do snow here" and I am being completely heartless and texting back "yea, whatever, just tell me if you find it, you have no idea how much I need this palette - like normal people need air. Safe journey, but let me know as soon as you hit duty free ok."  I think she might hate me now. Would it be tragic to admit that my heart is racing with even the hint of a possiblity that she might get it? It would wouldn't it.  Oh well, call me tragic.

19.20 update - no word from Atlanta airport so it's not looking good.  But I enjoyed the frisson of excitment, you probably noticed!  This could be one of those things, like men, where the thrill of the chase is sooo much better than the reality, although unlike men if that is the case at least I can sell this on ebay!  

08.31 further update - Fran text last night to say she hadn't been able to find it.  Feel like I am on a quest for some mythical thing, that may or may not exist, UD Naked palette - the unicorn of the make up world!


  1. There are definitely some places that don't do snow which have lots of snow at the moment; saw some interviews on the tv last night that just made this northerner chuckle (mean, I know).

    Hope you get your palette!

  2. Thanks Karen, I thought it was especially funny as we in the UK all get very cross when it snows here and everything goes to bits but we all just assume that every other Country in the world is much better equipped than we are to deal with it, which isn't always the case!
    Do you happen to know if the Naked palette is still available in the States as I looked on Sephora and it was out of stock there?


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