Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hairdryer update

You might remember this post when I bought my Tresemme hairdryer, where I was rather sniggering about the benefit of ions.  Well, today I am eating my words.  Yesterday I dried my hair and it looked crap all day, thick, frizzy and clumpy.  I wasn't sure if maybe I hadn't rinsed properly or had gone mad with the styling products or maybe my errant hormones had decided that they were no longer satisfied with trashing my skin they were taking my hair out too.  This morning when I picked up the drier I noticed that the "ion" button had slid into the off position.  I slid it back and dried my hair.  Which looks like a totally different head of hair, it took 5 mins less to dry (when you get up at 5.45am every  day that counts) and it is sleek and smooth and only needed a quick blast with the ghd's to tweak it.  So maybe there is something in all that "ions" malarky after all!

In other matters last night my skin was all over the show.  Its that time of the month so the roseacea is having its way and I had 2 massive lumps on my right cheek as well as an attractive scattering of pimples across my nose.  As part of my new nail care regime I am eschewing nail varnish (it. is. killing. me.) and slathering on olive oil at all times.  And as I sat in bed checking out the wreck that was my face I thought "what have I got to lose?" and applied a thin layer of olive oil to my face too.  When I woke up this morning I was expecting perhaps puffy eyes, as I realised too late that smearing your eyes with oil might not be the best plan in the world, but actually my skin was looking pretty good, roseacea was down a smidge and it seemed to have enjoyed its night coated in oil.  Just thought I'd mention it, next time you skin is feeling dry and stressy it might nip into the kitchen and find your olive oil!  Have a nice day ladies.

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