Thursday, 13 January 2011

Lust List

It's out of hand, this time.  Reading blogs is seriously bad for your wealth.  I want so much at the moment I keep dropping subtle hints about spending Sunday in Leeds spending loads on make up, well I actually just say that out loud as after 20 years of marriage subtle is rather pointless.  He smiles and walks away.  Guess he is still doing subtle.

Ok list:
MAC Cream blush in Uncommon - as Lillicent is too much colour at this time of year when I am so pale.
Or a Bobbi Brown sheer stick blush, thinking maybe sheer mauve which looks like it might be far enough away from pink for me, but might be too dark.
Bobbi Brown foundation - only a sample at this stage though.  I am kind of hoping their emphasis on yellow tones might help play down my natural pink'ness, that I hate.
Mavala - Nailactan to help with my month of nail improving.
Illamasqua Scarab - for when I break the ban
Models Own - Nude Beige for classy nails in Feb
Eye shadow - ideally have a Bobbi Brown SA do my eyes and then buy everything she uses!
Another Bobbi Brown cream lipstick as I love Heather Buff and would like another to ring the changes, maybe a darker one to go with a smoky eye for evenings, well a girl can dream!

That's my lot.  Have you got any post Christmas cravings that have yet to be met?  If you have a lust list what one thing would you get right now if you were given the chance?  If several Bobbi Brown eye shadows were classed as "one thing" then they would be my right now choice!


  1. I like your lust list - I was terribly disappointed with BB foundation, I understand the theory behind having yellow based tones but the reality just makes me look, well yellow! or worse a pale terracotta so will be interested to see how you get on. Jan x

  2. Hmm pale terracott, thats got to be an interesting look! I have used it in the past and I have a feeling it was one I repeat purchased a few times til either funds ran dry or the hassle of having to go to Leeds or Manchester to get it annoyed me and I opted for something I could get in Huddersfield!x


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