Friday, 28 January 2011

Is there anybody out there?

Started typing this post a week ago, but that was after 2 glasses of wine and was worried it was sounding rather pathetic and maudlin so deleted it!  

First off it's important that I state that my primary motivation for writing this blog is that I am a rather self-opinionated make up obsessive who has spent 34 of her 44 years striving to look her best and whilst I really liked reading other beauty blogs I wanted to have my say, in my own small way.  My Mum and Sister and some of my friends have generally asked my opinion on all things cosmetic and I was sending regular weekly emails to them telling them what I had found that was working for me that they might like to try and then decided that writing a blog would be a good way of doing that so they could check if they wanted rather than being beauty spammed by me and it would act as a diary for me to refer back to. Reading that last bit back I wonder if my use of inordinately long and unweidly sentences could be at the root of my problems. Must. remember. to. punctuate. 

And quietly, although it shames me to admit it, I rather hoped my blog would be popular and well read.  

Blogging is a bit weird in that respect.  You can do it anonymously, never comment on anyone elses blog and just lurk out there in the ether all on your own.  But I don't think many people blog like that, after all it's not known as a blogging "community" for nothing.  The whole point of blogs is that you share your opinion on a subject and random strangers get to tell you you are wrong/stupid/fantastic/an inspiration.  I used to labour over posts for ages and write in my "This is the Bee Bee Cee World Service" 1950's perfect ennunciation voice.  Which read horribly and felt totally false.  I have no discernible accent and for that reason alone am considered a bit posh by anyone that doesn't really know me (a bottle of sauvignon blanc soon clears up that misunderstanding) but in reality I swear like a trooper and I really struggle to write how I speak for that reason; no one wants to read a post littered with expletives, although I would be interested to know what people would consider acceptable or excessive.  This could be the subject of a whole other post so maybe I'll leave that there.

Back to the whinge about only have 19 followers.  Now I am the first to say 19 perfectly lovely, much valued followers is without a shadow of a doubt around 19 more than I deserve, thank you ladies.  But I look at loads of other blogs and have yet to see one less well followed and it makes me wonder if I am doing something wrong?  See, this is where this gets tricky, this is not me asking the few people that regularly leave me comments to comment saying "aw, we don't think you are utterly shite, chin up chick" although feel free if you want to!  But if anyone who is blogging and has worked to make their blog better read has any hints or tips I would love to hear them.  I do make an effort to read logs of blogs and to comment when I can as I appreciate that helps, I have frequently clicked on the blog of the person who commented above me to see what she is all about.

I heart cosmetics is very generously offering space on her blog to new and less well read blogs for a bit of shameless self-promotion and with her nearly 2000 followers that is a terrific gesture.  Needless to say I have asked for an opportunity to be featured, although given the sheer number of responses it may well be 2015 before she gets to me!

I did try a giveaway to increase my followers, only 3 people entered!!  It was a crap give away though and from that I learnt that if you aren't going to do it well its probably best not to do it at all!

And then I wonder why do I want more followers, am I so needy that without the validation of total strangers I don't feel there is any value to what I am doing.  Errm, yes I think that might be the case, god I am pathetic.

If you have ever blogged and had similar concerns I would love to hear from you, or did you all just do it as an outlet for you with no care about whether anyone else read it?  

Now what would be really funny would be if this post got no comments at all.

Tumbleweed moment in the blogsphere.


  1. Well, I'm going to comment! You know me, I like to have my say ;o)

    I love reading your blog Debbie. We have a very similar sense of humour and your photos are awesome (as well as the ones on your photographic blog!).

    I'm not concerned with numbers. How many blog followers? How many Facebook friends? How many Twitter followers? I blog about my beauty bits and pieces because I like talking about them and hearing what others say. I love reading other peoples blog's too.

    If people are interested, well that's great. And if they aren't, well that's fine too. I'm just going to keep doing my thing.

    aw, we don't think you are utterly shite, chin up chick (hehe) X

  2. You have a great blog, you do. Just keep posting like you do, commenting on other blog like you do, and getting stuck in, like you do! Followers will come!

    It takes ages to get noticed and for people to follow, but they do! x

  3. I hope I didn't offend you with my previous comment, it was not meant to sound like a set of orders and of course you are on twitter and I am a dur brain for not noticing that. It is just that having been a blogger and deleted my blogs twice I am mindful of how it can become a bit onorous, and afterall it should be fun. Feel free to ignore one or other or both of these comments. Jan x

  4. Leanne - Thanks hun. And I know you are totally right about not being concerned by the numbers but I just can't help myself! But yep, blog and be damned is def the way to go.

    Charlie - Thank you too and if its just a case of keep doing what I am doing and it will happen then thats terrific, was sure I was missing something vital.

    Jan - And you as well! Did you delete your previous comment as I can only see this one from you on this post? Whatever it was, I can assure you I would not have been offended, constructive criticism is borne out of kindness isn't it, especially if help is asked for. And not dur brain re twitter I signed up 14 hrs ago and frankly have now clue what I am supposed to do, my twitter name is ihavemostly in case you bump into me, if thats how it works!

    Thank you all for taking the time to bolster my fragile ego, it is much appreciated!

  5. Oh gosh, I feel terrible being so slow to comment on this. I am woefully behind on my reading at the moment. The finding followers thing is tricky, I can't see that you are doing anything wrong at all. You're great at commenting, you're on Twitter, you're certainly interacting with your community. I guess I know there are some very sure fire ways of increasing followers and I sometimes wonder about doing some of them myself to increase my readership. However, I quite like the organic growth. I shall pop you in my blog roll as I know that's quite a good way to increase traffic and readers.

    Guest posts are another idea. You could always venture in to the confessional if you fancy or how about a guest post on eyeshadows? I'd let you take the p*** out of my ridiculous taupe obsession if you like ;)

    Most of all just keep being you!
    Jane x

  6. Jane thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I think on reflection that organic growth is the way to go. Being on your blogroll would be brilliant though so yes please to that. Guest post on eye shadows could be fun - although cant really take the pee as it was from your taupe obsession that I renewed my love of eye shadow, which actually is a good place to start... leave that with me and I'll see what I can come up with, and thanks again!x

  7. I only have 9 followers (70% of which are people I go to uni with), so there you go, someone with less than you at last! :)

    I found the link to your blog through Fee's twitter post and I've really enjoyed reading your blog, and as more people find it then word will spread. What's important is that you enjoy writing, and that your posts continue to benefit you and your readers - whether that's 10 or 10,000. Stick at it - I'm really looking forward to all your new posts :) xx

  8. Laura - thank you too for taking the time to comment. You now have 10 followers!

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