Saturday, 15 January 2011

Nails Inc - Free with Diet Coke

Would never pay full whack for a Nails Inc polish, they have too many issues. Buuuut would never sniff at one free with InStyle or, as is the case at the mo, with 2 bottles of Diet Coke from Boots!  Sent Em on a Nails Inc mish Friday lunch time and the girl done good.  She got me the bottle of Cool Caramel that I had my eye on.  Dithered over getting Denim Blue as well but the pics I had seen weren't that fab and I wasn't sure so left it.  A situation I may well rectify tomorrow! 

Am dragging Steve off to Leeds for a spot of light mooching.  (light mooching, heavy spending if I get my way!)  You saw the lust list, I intend to return with at least something off of it.

So will do some photos of Cool Caramel and any haulage and get a post done.  Am working at the Lamma show next week (I sell advertising on a farm machinery magazine and manage a used agricultural machinery website, as well as taking photos and running a guest house).  There is a strong possibility that the complete and utter lack of any kind of glamour and the need to be in a freaking field, in the rain, in January, may kill me.  If it does before they bury me some one paint the nails of my corpse with Scarab ok, ta.  Oh and if I haven't had chance to do it my top lip could do with a bit of a sesh with the hot wax - espesh if they are planning an open coffin!!

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