Wednesday, 26 January 2011

UD - Naked just messing!

Boring evening with nowt on tv so thought I'd have a bit of a play with my Naked palette.  Weirdly for a big night out I might give this one an outing.  Half baked lower lid, Gunmetal into crease blackened into crease with a dash of Creep, Sin on brow bone, whisky water line top and bottom and Gunmetal lower lash line.  Pixi highlighter on cheek bones - took me aaaaaaaaaages to find them, MAC cream blush in Lilicent.  Oh and the other eye is Toasted and Hustle - which isn't as shimmery as I had thought so going to get an outing soon - with a bit of Virgin and Half Baked thrown in for good measure.  S'cuse dodgy flash photo's.  Sat in guest house breakfast room looking like a hooker, must dash before someone comes in and offers me a tenner.


  1. Ooooh get you! So you're loving it then?? (THANK GOD!!!!!) x

  2. Am I ever!! It really has reignited my love of eye shadow, I really enjoyed playing around, when I cam upstairs (we live in the basement) Steve took one look and was a bit, yikes thats a lot of make up, then as I wandered around he said actually you know that looks really nice, I didn't know you could put it on so well! And as for the Whisky pencil, that you put on your upper lash line and which then just stays on your upper lash line, doesnt transfer to your eye crease or smear off, or just disappear - its fab stuff. So yea, its love!

  3. There are so many favourable reviews about this palatte, but it all looks a bit brown to me. Like the sheen that you have achieved very much. Thanks for this. Jan x

  4. Hiya, it is quite brown tbh, although Creep is black'ish and Gunmetal looks grey but is actually a blackened blue (gad useless description!) and I used these 2 just to see if I could create something other than a brown eye. I would say if you like a wider range of colours the other UD palettes would be well worth a look, I was really after something neutral and safe til I found my feet. I reckon you could buy one other UD bright shadow and use it with these to create some fab looks - I think a really good blue would great as a contrast. x


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